Welcome to St.  Isidore the Farmer in Springville

Wth Advent comes the preparations (and the waiting) for Christmas to arrive! Donations for seasonal items, as well as for the poinsettia plants are always appreciated. Anyone interested in making a donation for these liturgical needs, please complete the form (enclosed in the bulletin or available on the parish website) and return it with your cash or check to the church office!  Thank you in advance.   (Due date is December 16)

Xmas 2023 Flower Donation Flyer_on Xmas Stationary


St Isidore staff and volunteers decorated a Jesse Tree for the Christmas tree walk at the Springville Library this week!

Parish itality Goals:

In response to the Archdiocese’s call for our parish to identify ways that we might increase our vitality, the Parish Council has worked carefully to identify two goals for the 2023-2024 year.  Both goals speak to our overarching vision of growing our parish.












Saturday evening Mass will now be on our YouTube channel:
The St. Izzy Youtube channel is at this URL:
Act of Spiritual Communion for those at home:
We will continue to add the video to our Facebook page following Mass.