Pastoral Council



The Pastoral Council meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Rev.   Andrew Awotwe-Mensah, Pastor

Email    319-895-6246 @ St. John’s

                                    St. Isidore Pastoral Council                   

John Waldron                                   Finance Council Chair                                                               319-310-3151  

Mike Gregoricka                              Council Chair                                                                            319-480-2319

Josh  Sundstrom                              Community Life                                                                        563-451-5929

Richie Drake                                      Community Life                                                                                                         319-480-7888

Barb Pederson Council Secretary                 319-482-2055    

A.J. Barry Community Life 319-329-6917                    

Melissa Janssen Liturgy Committee          321-0408

Michelle Gourley Faith Formation   319-431-5639

Yvette Moravec Community Life  563-210-4532  

Mike Courtney Social Justice         319-462-6761

Marilyn Andersen Faith Form.Chair               319-854-7435