Religious Education

Sprouts October 2022 (1)


Thank you to the high school youth / adult work crew that helped clean the flower bed around the Springville city sign at the corner of the bank and in front of city hall on Sunday August 5th.  Eleven bags of thistles (ouch!) and weeds were removed. This was part of an early service project for the High School Religious Ed. students.  It is nice to see students answering the call to help out their community!  L -> R: Holden Cordes,  Marshall Cordes, Kyle Koppes, Theresa Pennington,  Alex Koppes, Luke Menster, Jack Hoogland and John Hoogland (not pictured)….THANK YOU!  



High School Can Drive

NEEDED: CLEAN REDEEMABLE CANS AND BOTTLES for the High School fund raiser.  Please bring in your cans and bottles anytime this summer. Leave them in the hall or room #104. The money raised will go the city of Springville for the restoration of the Brown monument in the cemetery. Thank you for your help!


Catechist Appreciation Dinner

Catechist Appreciation dinner was held on the first Wednesday in May at Sally’s in Springville.  It is always a great place to meet and share a meal.  They are very accomodating to larger groups.  Thank you to all of the catechists that helped pass on the faith this year!


Spring Service Project

The High School students, catechists and parents cleaned the grounds and graves in the Springvile Cemetery as the spring Service Project.  They did a great job and it was much appreciated by the city and the parish!


Easter Egg Hunt

St. Isidore’s Easter Egg hunt was held after Mass.  The weather did not cooperate so we used the parish hall.


Saint Nicholas’

Saint Nicholas’ Feast day is December 6th.  As the students gathered for class that evening, someone special stopped by  and filled their shoes with candy canes and treats!



Christmas Plates

Thank you to everyone who donated items for the Christmas plates!  There were 19 plates made and distributed to residents of the SpringHouse in Springville.  Thank you to the 7th and 8th grade Religious Education students for making Christmas cards for the plates.

Epiphany Play
The Epiphany Play was Saturday January 6th.  Thank you to all that attended and especially to the children that participated; Beau Lentner, Valarey Lentner, Molly Lentner, Barrett Deutsch, Isaac Weber, Kalleigh Greene, Kathryne Sundstrom, Kjersten Sundstrom and Kaylin Sundstrom.