Finance Council


You may use the ACH form below to set up automatic payment of your stewardship.  Contact Cindy at the church office with any questions.

ACH Authorization Form

The purpose of the Finance Council is to oversee the financial affairs of the parish.

 The council meets each month for approximately 30-60 minutes to discuss, review, and approve monthly financial statements prepared by the parish bookkeeper and address other pertinent financial matters.

The council annually prepares the parish operating budget to reflect the next fiscal year anticipated revenues and expenses. This is the major planning tool for the parish.

The council prepares the annual financial report to the parish to give parishioners a concise look at the previous fiscal years activities and financial results and a look into the future of potential needs.

The council prepares a comprehensive list of potential future needs, primarily large capital items, with financial estimates as a means to show potential financial needs beyond the normal operating budget.

Council members are appointed by the parish pastor.

Current members include Father Andrew, Todd Fah, Kevin Hackenmiller, Joan Roberts, John Waldron.