Social Justice

We recognize that it is difficult to see the bulletin board in the Gathering Space after Mass and have decided to share the correspondence we have received so everyone understands that it is acknowledged.   Thank you’s were received from the Young Parents Network, Tanager Place, The Knights of Columbus (both Tootsie Roll and  Rose Drives), St. John’s Catholic Worker House, Birthright, Bridgehaven, and the Willis Dady Center.

Additionally this month we would like to bring your attention to the “Joyful Noise” fundraiser which was held virtually and supports the Family Promise of Linn County. This is still available on line with the following link: 

We have chosen this quarter to include “Marion Cares” as our latest first time recipient. You can learn more about this non-profit at the following link:                                                                                                      

Mark you calendars now  as St John’s is now doing “Run for Pie” which replaces their “Run for the Least” event. It will be September 18, 2021. There is a link on their website

We would like to be able to continue to support The Catholic Worker House and have been in contact there to come up with an option.   Working within their list we have decided to solicit donations of many of the staple items they always need:

Bottled water, juice, seasonings (salt, pepper, minced onion, seasoning salt, garlic salt), Rotel or flavored diced tomatoes, condiments (mayo, ketchup, ranch dressing), coffee, sugar, creamer.   Canned goods are always welcome but she specifically advised they do not want a surplus of boxed items due to issue that can arrive with pests.   We will have a collection box in the Gathering Space and you can drop off at any of the Mass times through May 1st.

Possible vaccine clinic: Finally, Social Justice commission is considering providing the location for a  Covid vaccine clinic hosted by Catholic Charities. One of the requirements would be having several bi-lingual individuals on hand. Please contact Connie Sjostrom @ 319.270.3774 if you are bilingual and would be interested in helping with this.  



Social Justice Commission members for 2020-2021  are Council members John Roberts and Barb Pederson and then volunteer members are  Elaine Jacobson, Connie Sjostrom and Julie Meyer.
Important information for Covid 19 Resources from Catholic Charities:
From Linn County Regarding Multi-Lingual Resources
Thanks to all who contributed to the Feed the Hungry ministry. On the weekend of February 15-16 we  provided the meal to the Catholic Worker House and on the weekend of Feb. 29- March 1 we  provided the meal for the family enrolled in Family Promise program under the St. Wensceslaus week.  Your generosity is overwhelming and I wish you had the opportunity to see how much it is appreciated there!
Angel Tags for Gifts for Tanager place were collected and picked up on Tuesday, December 10th.Thanks to all who contributed to this ministry. 
In 2019 in addition to the Angel Tags, members of the Social Justice Commission “adopted a family” at Tanager place.   We received a “Thank you” from this family this month:
Feed the Hungry 
Backpack-–   The “Backpack” program has changed and bags now come packed and are stored and delivered once a month. Thanks to all who have participated in this ministry in the past. Thanks to John Roberts for making the pickup and delivery.
Health Care Ethics:    
The last program for 2019 was held on Monday, November 18th.   If you are interested in setting another date for this program in 2020, please contact your Social Justice commission and we will select another date.
This program will provide materials for the three various stages of Advanced Care Planning:
  1) Persons who are healthy or have well managed medical conditions
  2) Persons with a serious chronic condition and/or a progressively debilitating condition
  3) Persons with terminal illness or who may be well in the last year of life and persons who are actively dying (including adult children in anyone of these states.
We will cover the following topics: 
* Should a Catholic use Iowa’s Living Will?
* Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
* Specific Directives of individuals with serious chronic conditions and/or progressively debilitating conditions
*Considering benefits and burdens of medical treatment
* Medically assisted nutrition and hydration
* Resuscitation
* Pain and Symptom management
* Completing IPOST (Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment) 
Please contact Betty Hoffman (  or Connie Sjostrom ( if you are interested so we can schedule another in the spring.  This program is help full in making moral end of life and health care decisions.

Legislative Action Alerts The Office of Respect Life and Social Justice has a webpage dedicated to the various Catholic organizations with Political Action alerts. Sharing these resources allows parishioners to follow specific organizations like the Iowa Catholic Conference, Human Life Action and Justice for Immigrants, among others. All people of faith are encouraged to go to the organization sites and sign up to receive action alerts as to when a bill or policy is being addressed at the state or federal levels. Links to the various organizations can be found at:  What to do when a friend is considering abortion  Seven Considerations while navigating infertility  10 Ways to support her when she is unexpectedly expecting  Children as Commodities  An Adoption Love Story  Healing within Marriage from an  abortion Catholic Considerations for our Earthly Passing  Advance Medical Directives: Planning your future  Top Reasons to oppose assisted suicide  How to build a culture of life


The July 1 2019 Social Justice

Jan 2019 Soc Justic Notes

2019 March for life poster

Feed the Hungry 2019 : Thanks to all who contributed to the “Feed the Hungry” meals this month. We feed 25+ at the Catholic Worker house on February 10th and approximately a done more at the Family Promise program at St. Wenscelaus.  Your generosity is very humbling.   

Birthright Newsletter Fall 2018 (1)


Pray for that people recognize and affirm the dignity of human life, and that God leads each of us to take steps to defend life.

The Coalition for Life of Iowa invites you to pray in front of Planned Parenthood during our 40 Days for Life campaign. This draws attention to the evil of abortion through prayer, fasting, peaceful vigil, and community outreach. For additional info:

Phone: Call Pat at 319-721-9730


Kathleen Todd – First visit to Haiti vs now

Tina Lampe_Haiti Reflections (1)

HAITI 2018 You can track the progress of the 2018 Haiti trip from All Saints on this link: 

You can keep track of updates here:

Watch the bulletins for updated information as the process is year round to prepare for the upcoming trip.


 Visit the Sick project 

Contact any member of the Social Justice Commission for information regarding our hand crosses and Rosary CD


Franciscan Common Venture – a volunteer program sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, Iowa, provides the opportunity for persons age 20+ to contribute their time, commitment and talent in service among people who are poor. There are multiple service opportunities from quilting to a food bank’s community garden. Long-term service is also available. If interested, contact Sr. Michelle Balek, OSF; 3390 Windsor Ave; Dubuque IA 52001; Phone:  563-583-9786;;   OR visit our website:

Franciscan CVSummer2018                                                                                                                       



Archbishop Jackels DACA Insert





Catholic Charities-Did you know that Catholic Charities offers a diverse array of programs and services throughout the Archdiocese of Dubuque, including Mental Health Counseling, Crisis Pregnancy and Post Abortion Counseling, Affordable Housing, Refugee Resettlement, Immigration Legal Services, Jail & Prison Ministry, mentoring and support for single parents and Disaster Services?  Support these services with your gift to the Catholic Charities Annual Appeal. Learn more at  






SANSI (Springville Area Neighborhood Services and Information) falls under Social Justice as the three area churches work together to handle the challenges of the needs in the community. We have 3 parish members (John Roberts, Al Meyer and Yvette Moravec) who sit on the board of SANSI and represent us in those community projects including the Backpack program and the annual Ecumenical service.

Several sub-committees fall under Social Justice—annual food drive (handled by the RE classes) Fair Trade (handled by RE classes) Angel Tags for Tanager (handled by Julie Meyer)

We have sponsored   children chosen by previous Social Justice commission members. World Vision is Oscar Simzawa and Unbound is Jesus Alexandro (previous Christian Children) 

We support the Cedar Rapids area non- profit Family Promise through our association with St. Wenceslaus during their hosting weeks and provide family meals on selected dates.  Our “Feed the Hungry” ministry also includes meals to the Catholic Worker house throughout the year.   

We support the All Saints parish Haiti project –sometimes financially, sometimes with volunteers.

We organize the RESPECT Life programs in October and in January we plan the prayer service on the Anniversary of Roe V Wade.

Throughout the year we respond to needs brought to us by Catholic Charities—whether financial or bringing awareness of volunteer opportunities and needs around the Archdiocese. Fortnight for Freedom is a great example of this—with information provided in the bulletin during the month of June.

Our “Visit the Sick” ministry is outlined above and was  new in 2017.  Please contact any member of our commission for more information.

We are tasked with determining the recipients of our tithing (the amount is set by Finance Council) and select various local charities.